As a project beneficiary and a direct member of the established Community Development Club at Vang Vat village (Bao Lam district, Cao Bang), Trieu Mui Pham submitted  a proposal for 3 million VND loan from the Community Development Fund. In combination with personal finance of 2 million VND, Pham succeeded in buying another calf, increasing her household’s animal herd to two cows. This was the most valuable asset of the family that she hardly dreamt of.





I can’t believe I can do this, but I received lots of encouragement from the other women and from ADRA. If there had been no training and meeting from the project to help women like us think more about the plan to increase income, we wouldn’t be able to write a proposal and confidently borrow a loan.

- spoke Pham.

“I will take care of these cows carefully. When they grow up, I will keep one and sell the other to have money renting a land clearing machine. This will help expand my family’s arable land and we will cultivate more so won’t face hunger in the future, and have savings to purchase school supplies for the kids”, Pham continued.

Back to the time when Pham made up her mind for an economic development plan to improve family’s living, she bore great responsibility on bread-earning, similarly to a considerable number of ethnic minority women dwelling in rather underdeveloped and marginalized region. She got married at early ages and in 2015, this 26-year-old lady already had a 6 year- and a 4-year-old boy.

The fertile agricultural land they owned was so limited that Pham’s family confronted hunger during 2-3 months per year. “My husband used to do seasonal work faraway and came back home solely few times of the year. Until one day he got sick and was unable to work that way”, Pham shared.

“In 2011, I accepted to care two female cows of one family in the village. The first calf born would belong to my family and the second would be returned to the owner of the cow. I got the first one in 2014 and brought the second to its owner at the beginning of 2015. But they saw that I was a hardworking person, and my family was in extreme difficulty, those owners of the second calf decided to sell it with a price of 5 million VND. I didn’t have enough money”, her story was revealed.

“I talked to my husband and we decided to proceed the borrowing of a loan that I learned from ADRA project. I finally got it and I was happy to have two cows.”

“Thank you ADRA project for supporting a financial source to the established Community Development Club in my village, which is really useful for the poor households like mine. I hope ADRA will continue the assistance so more families will have better life.”

- Pham expressed her gratitude.