Meet Ms. NongThiPhon (68 years old) - a rural spinster of Na Ngam B village in Cao Bang province of Vietnam.
Being encouraged by existing ADRA project, Ms. Phon participates in the activities of the established Community Development Club - a form of civil society organization at grassroots level. She was given a new energy-efficient cooking stove, one of 230 units that CARE project sponsors for the local residents.



Speaking of the benefits, Ms. Phon shares her heartfelt feeling: "I am living alone therefore every work to sustain my life is left on my own shoulders. In the past when I used the traditional stove - the tripod - as so did many of the neighbors owning average rural lifestyle, it’s me who bore the burden of collecting firewood. To name few of the most extreme difficulties, it was never of close distance to get enough for the several days’ use, so the work drained my health and time to do other production; besides, the humble government subsidy could not assist me to buy the collected wood from the others. Presently with this new stove, the amount of needed fuel reduces significantly; I can even utilize the small branches from the accommodation’s surrounding, or the logging residues left by the neighbors. At the same time, the indoor smoke is created remarkably less, that helps pull me away from chronic cough and keep the house cleaner."